Tending to My Own Knitting

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The traditional "knitting knobby", made of cork.

The traditional “knitting knobby”, made of cork.

Knitting loom or "Knifty Knitter"

Knitting loom or “Knifty Knitter”

Why I Do It!

It’s gotten to be much cooler here in Roseville, California – east of Sacramento – than it ever was in Vallejo, California – just west of Napa county. So … somehow I had to come up with a way to stay warmer, based on the clothes I already own.

So, of course, I didn’t have the resources to go out and buy lots of sweaters and jackets. Instead, I found I needed to take matters into my own hands; and since I’d made hats and scarves for myself before, I set out to do so again.

“Knitting Knobbies”

For those of you who were able to get hold of both an empty spool – or cork – and a length of yarn at the same time, you have probably “cabled” using them. (Being able to find a crochét hook as well didn’t hurt, either.)

First, you needed to bore a 3/4-inch hole the length of the spool, or cork, as straightly as possible. You need to be sure that the hole comes out evenly on the opposite end. Then you drive 4 – or maybe 6 – small nails evenly around the edges of the hole.

Tie a knot around one end of the yarn, drop it through the hole and begin around the nails one time with a single wrap each. Follow each row after by winding the yarn one time, returning to the beginning nail.

Wrap each successive row with another wrap of yarn, lifting the previous strand of yarn over the top, continuing around the spool. Continue until you nearly run out of yarn then use your crochét hook to finish off each round.

We all did this; And usually when we were finished we pulled the cable apart and did it again. After all, what real use was there for a chain-stitch about six inches long and 3/4 inches wide?

There had to be a better use for this!

At Last, A Real Use!

The Knitting Knobby finally “grew” into a useful device. The knitting loom or, now, the Knifty Knitter is cabable of making any number of items.

I am currently knitting a scarf. Last year I knitted a very long “Santa hat”. I have also knitted a tight knit hat for the sole purpose of keeping my head warm. (What a concept.) I have just been commissioned – by my wife – to knit a hat for our second grandson. This is my first commissioning, so it better come out well. (Not that my grandson will care or be able to tell. Especially after he realizes his Poppa made it for him!)

This all has turned out to be a great pasttime for me to keep busy during – and especially – musical television shows. Christmas shows are the prime type of shows this time of year; and they usually play in prime time.

Merry Christmas …

… to each and every one of you.

          May the road rise to meet you
          May the wind be always at your back
          May the sun shine warm upon your face
          And may God hold you in the palm of His Hands.

And a bountiful 2010!