Knitting a Cancer Cap on a Plastic Knitting Loom

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knitting loom cancer caps

Plastic Knitting Loom,Plastic Looms,circular plastic knitting loom,Knitter Long Loom Series

This purple cap with a flower decoration was made on a circular plastic knitting loom! The Yorkie is my Therapy Dog who goes with me to deliver the caps to hospital patients.

Knitter Long Loom Series,Plastic Knitting Loom,Plastic Looms,circular plastic knitting loom

This ceramic angel is holding an infant size loom with an almost completed cap and wearing an infant hat and holding yet another loom cap!
 Plastic Knitting Loom,knitting loom,Plastic Looms,Knitter Long Loom Series,circular plastic knitting loom
Colorado School of Dance learned to make cancer caps on the looms. WHen the hats are completed on the infant and toddler size looms, they will be donated to Children’s’ Hospital. They girls learned to loom knit quickly and are so proud of the totall
Plastic Knitting Loom,Knitter Long Loom Series,circular plastic knitting loom,knitting loom,Plastic Looms
All of these cute infant caps were made on the smallest sized plastic loom. SOFT yarn is the best. Each and every hat comes out perfectly!
Plastic Knitting Loom,Knitter Long Loom Series,circular plastic knitting loom,knitting loom,Plastic Looms
Be a Cancer Fighter and help knit Cancer CaPS ON THE KNITTING LOOM!


Can’t knit?

Forgot how to knit?

Want to learn to knit?

Can’t crochet or knit and want to learn?

Want to make beautiful knit caps for a new baby?

Want to make knit caps for Christmas Presents for family and friends?

Want to make a knit cap to give to a friend facing cancer treatments or other hospitalization?

If the answer to any of these questions is “Maybe or YES!”, then this HUB is for you!

Knitting looms are easy to use, easy to learn to use, and make a hat, a perfect hat each and every time! Loom kits can be purchased at any hobby, craft, fabric store, and can be purchased with a weekly %off coupon found in the weekend newspapers. The kit comes with the loom(s) and a knitting hook. Choose the yarn (color and texture/softness of the yarn is up to you) and the instructions are included on the packaging. With an average thin acrylic yarn, you need to double the yarn, so get two skeins of yarn. The newer varigated colored yarns, paired with a solid color in a complementary color make for beautiful caps!  If you can wrap yarn around a peg (s), and loop one row of yarn over the other on a peg, you can knit a cap!  And a perfect one, at that!  Each hat, depending upon the size, can be made an a day or less.  It is an amazing and heartfelt feeling to make a hand knit hat as a gift for a friend, or stranger undergoing cancer treatment, all by yourself and passing the hat on to someone in need!  

I began making these hand loom knit caps after my Father, Charlie, passed from cancer.  He always wore a knit cap to stay warm durning treatments and hospitalizations.    Upon his passing from complications, I began making the knit caps on the loom to distribute to others undergoing cancer treatments, or staying in hospitals.  The hats keep heads warm and cozy, and “safe” especially after hair loss from chemo treatments!   I am quickly approaching  my 2000th (yes, 2000th) hat, made and donated to help someone else!  I have also taught numerous small groups to make the caps on looms.  Making the loom hats have brought me great joy and happiness as I journeyed through my Dad’s cancer treatments, hospitalizations, surgeries, and the grief process at his passing.  The loom knitting helps me relax, reduces my stress level, allows me to keep busy, both my hands and my mind,  and has been such a great means to give back to others, when the hats I make are donated to local hospitals, hospices, and cancer treatment centers.  

I am happy to help anyone learn to make a knit loom cap.  

I also have a gaol that has not been met.  I would love to teach a women’s group or church group how to make the caps on a loom, so that  this group could make caps for anyone in need of a cap for their head… cancer patients, children, toddlers, homeless,  fire victims, accident victims, abused or neglected  women and children.  I would so love to come to your facility and teach a few knitting loom classes.  What a wonderful day that would be!  Can you imagine?  Hats for everyone!  

One of my favorite books to read my kindergarten classes was “CAPS FOR SALE”, a story about a cap peddler who sold caps, carrying them all piled atop his head.  the caps were “stolen” from him by a large band of monkeys, all of them taking a cap and putting it on their head, while sitting in the tree above the napping peddler!  A tree full of hats would be such a beautiful sight, each one donated to a needy head.  

In the meantime, I will continue to make my caps on the circle plastic knitting loom one at a time, finding a head to place it on to keep it warm and safe!