A Guide to Loom Knitting

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A fun craft for knitting pros and newbies alike!

Knitting has been a popular craft for many generations, both for practical uses and for sheer enjoyment.

I myself have enjoyed knitting, crocheting, and doing smiler crafts for a long time, but have recently branched out into a growing trend called loom knitting.

Loom knitting is exactly how it sounds – instead of using the traditional knitting needles, one uses a loom. These looms come in multiple sizes, and are usually circular or elliptical, depending on the desired type of project.

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There are many different things you can make on these looms… how exciting!

Knitting looms can make a variety of projects, depending on the size and the shape of the loom you choose. The circular looms depicted above are great for hats and scarves, where as the elliptical looms shown to the right can make practically anything, including shawls, scarves, afghans, blankets, dishcloths, and pillow cases.

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Getting started!

Before you get started with loom knitting, there are a few things you’re going to need:

1. The looms. The most popular brand of knitting looms are called Knifty Knitter, and can be bought from places like Wal-Mart, Amazon.com, Michaels, or most craft stores. Knifty Knitters are sold in packs containing various sizes of either circular or elliptical looms, as well as a hook and yarn needle, both of which you will also need.

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2. Yarn : D you’re going to want a heavy-weight yarn for projects on knitting looms, so find some that says “extra bulky” or “bulky weight” on the label. If the yarn is too thin, the stiches will be too far apart, and the material will be spacey. I recommend the Hometown USA brand of extra bulky yarn, which is sold in various colors from Wal-Mart for about $3 a ball.
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